The "Le Terrazze di Serranova" Masseria takes its name from our terraces lying on a hill overlooking the beautiful coast.

Caressed by the wind, you will enjoy a show in the open air, the show of Salento coasts, the Torre Guaceto’ sea and the age-old olive trees, faithful guardians of our days that will tell you about the seasons and the flowing time.


It all started when we fell in love with this counryside, in Serranova di Carovigno (Brindisi), a few steps from Torre Guaceto protected marine area​​: one of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches in Puglia.

The Farm, born in compliance with  nature and sustainability of the places, presents an architecture which, thanks to a skilful restoration work, perfectly inserts itself into the groove of the rural Mediterranean tradition of Puglia.

Thanks to the owners’ diligence and to a long restoration, this jewel has returned to life, rediscovering the sense of hospitality and its rural vocation.

The orchard gives way to the age-old olive trees which have been able to produce extravirgin oil since the beginning of time, the same oil that our guests will have been tasting since breakfast.

We love those emotions that travellers, as Gypsies for a day or their whole life, tell us sharing their  own experiences and inspirations, so establishing long friendships.


The Masseria lies 50 metres above sea level and is the result of a review of an old land dwelling which spreads over three hectares of olive grove, orchard and arable land, in one of the most beautiful places of Alto Salento (Puglia), on the borders of Torre Guaceto natural preserve, on the last ridge of the Murge among scents of lavender and wild fennel.

The interior presents the classic Mediterranean elements: tuff, wood, stone floors, references to the sea and rural life. In the rooms the wisteria, blue, ochre and green colours predominate; particular attention is paid to small details, simple but well-kept.

And, in order to let you consciously choose us: we are not a hotel or a relais, so do not expect things that you will not find.

“We are just a rural residence with a contemporary twist, happy to welcome curious and sensitive travellers”.

Here you will find, together with the warmth of our home, us ourselves, happy to make you discover our territory!




From Maria and Ferruccio

Swimming pool

Bicycle Rental


Free breakfast

Pets Allowed


Wi-Fi Free

Daily cleaning service

Olive Grove


Fridge in the common room


The Terraces

“No view is more beautiful than what you see with a loved person’s eyes”

The “Le Terrazze di Serranova” Masseria takes its name from the splendid panorama you can see while watching the amazing coast; from our terraces, located on the last ridge of the Murge, people can find out, caressed by the wind, one of the most beautiful scenery of the Salento coast, the sea of Torre Guaceto and the age-old olive trees.


The Garden

“Show me your garden and I’ll tell you what you are”

The garden expands along a disordered path, ideal to get lost in the colours of bougainvillea and pomegranate with the call of Clara, Olivia, Nina and Alberto in the distance. Our garden is a place where the emotion of discovery is tempered by the harmony of scent, colours and references, in the contrast of the opposites, like the rural which stands opposite the modern, the majestic which opposes the elegant, and the pleasant which takes position against the melancholic.


The Swimming Pool

“Why run around here and there without any reason? You are what existence wants you to be “

Set on a natural terracing, it enjoys both the fantastic sea view and the olive trees that, sloping down to the plain, invite you to relax.
You can decide to dive in to cool off and enjoy the panorama.
A small whirlpool area will persuade even the laziest to cuddle with water.
In summer the swimming pool area is open from June to October; the pool is 160 cm deep and has a whirlpool area.
The surrounding relaxation area, with sun-beds, invites guests to sunbathe..


The Barn

“Patience is the virtue of the donkey”

In addition to every beauty, there are Clara, Olivia, Alberto, Vittoria, and little Nina, as our travelling mates, mediators of emotions, the most sociable of the whole country, always ready for a walk or a grooming.
Why the donkey? The donkey is the discovery of the landscape, the return of a slow, docile, reflective listening. The Farm organizes activities with donkeys, grooming days, country walks, olive crops.
With donkeys as narrators, every corner of the territory becomes a moment of exploration and knowledge in the still existing country paths.


The Orchard

“Love is a fruit that ripens in every season and is always within reach of every hand”

Our farm is characterized by a small orchard, grown according to biological methods without any use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides: plums, apricots, mulberries, cherries, pears, figs, are the organic ingredients of our inevitable jams for breakfast.
The dung from our donkeys is the only natural manure used, and only the cutter and the tractor are our natural herbicide.


The olive grove

“The olive tree, a sign of strength and beauty, when knotted trees are a value”

In the farm olive grove there are about 140 trees, partly old olive trees, old giant trees with twisted shapes, which could easily be found, in the past, confused in the vegetation or in domestic crops.
The produce was used not only as food but also as fuel to illuminate or even as medicament.
Undoubtedly the care of a secular olive grove is more critical than a young one, but the quality of the oil from age-old trees is such that we are rewarded for such a tiring effort.

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“Breakfast is our enveloping, warm, fragrant good morning”

Every day is different, never obvious, with the strictly “home-made” produce prepared by Maria.

Here the diet is banned: almond pastries, croissants, bread made with mother yeast, burnt wheat friselline (crunchy Apulian speciality for snacks), shortbread biscuits, mustazzoli (typical Salento dessert), castagnole (small balls for dessert made of wheat, stuffed with cream/chocolate and fried in olive oil), “pulaneti”, staples, zeppoloni(dessert stuffed with custard), crumbled but also mozzarella and salami for the lovers of salty; composed of fruit, herbal teas, coffee and of course our oil, in the smartest country-atmosphere of Torre Guaceto.

In the breakfast room you can indulge in conversation, or laze on the terrace while sipping a cup of tea.

Breakfast time (buffet): from 8.00 to 10.00, except for different needs.

In the breakfast room a refrigerator and a kettle for tea or herbal teas are available to all guests.


The Farmer’s cuisine

“Among flavours and knowledge, the kitchen is the sharing, nourishment, table room”

The Farmer’s kitchen is not a restaurant but a place of conviviality, of handmade cooking workshops, experimentation, meetings, chat, departures and returns.
Conviviality during the meals is a universal pleasure: here our guests have lunch all together, and Maria is always careful to cuddle her guests unless the beautiful view from the terrace distracts them at length.
Tasting will follow the seasons: during the cold months the main protagonists will be, among the others, the fennel, the broccoli, the pumpkin that, together with the bacon and rosemary, will merge into a velvety of other times or into delicious gnocchi.
An extraordinary assortment of cheese, garnished with compotes caramelized onion or drunken figs, will stand out as well.
In the warm summer months, tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, will join in our meetings, especially in appetizers where vegetables will be the masters.
Local wines and Maria’s liqueurs will always attend.